For the years 2010-2011 Gibraltar Laboratories is recognized for Excellence and Fast Turn Around Time by ACIL. [See my blog at] How we won these prestigious awards is because of the way we do business. That is to say our brand. At Gibraltar Laboratories we have defined our brand by our behavior. Our branding is composed of five interrelated dimensions described by Gregg Lederman, of Brand Integrity, Three of these dimensions depend upon high levels of emotional intelligence [] and the remaining two are dependent upon cognitive intelligence.

1. Culture and Team is the first emotional intelligence component. It involves the company’s internal communications and interactions with each other. Management’s communications must be clear, effective and timely. Team members are recognized and appreciated for the contributions that they make to achieve our business objectives. As an organization we take the time to share, celebrate and learn from our successes and failures. We trust each other and are trusted by our customers!

2. Lead by example. All employees must model ideal behavior. In practice we must always demonstrate, drive, passion and focus on results. We take responsibility for our actions. We actively promote our services. As leaders we treat others fairly and hold others accountable. When necessary we have honest difficult conversations with each other.

3. Customer Service. We take actions based on the wants, needs and desired experiences of our customers. We actively identify and pursue opportunities to go above and beyond providing extra value.

The next two dimensions of branding involve more classically defined cognitive intelligence. These are abilities such as logic, reason, reading, writing, analyzing and prioritizing. http:/ /

4. Operational strength involves getting the most out of what you have. At Gibraltar Laboratories we leverage technology and quality systems, we prioritize work and focus on continuous improvement. We plan ahead.

5. Knowledge and Expertise. This dimension is work that we do to meet our sponsor’s research and quality control needs. We share our results in a clear written format and in a timely fashion. We constantly think creatively and innovate. We use these skills to attract business to our company.


Daniel Prince, Ph.D.

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  1. Dr. Daniel Prince;
    You and your staff have proven all the above enities working with COOK Vascular, Inc. Keep up the good job. Customer Services is the true basis of a company and it’s growth.

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