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Why We’re A Great Organization To Work For

At Gibraltar Labs, we’ve enjoyed success throughout our long history. Our talent is key to our success! Now we are looking to expand and find new team members to bolster our already award winning team. That’s why we have so many career openings right now at Gibraltar Labs! There are many reasons to work for us, and we want to talk about what those reasons are, and why we’re a great employer to consider.

We’re Trusted

Over the years, we’ve become trusted throughout the world of microbiological testing, including sterilization services, virology, toxicity testing, bioburden testing, endotoxin testing and more. Our laboratory features the latest technology with all of our departments headed by extremely knowledgeable master and doctorate-level scientists with both academic and industry experience alike.

We’ve Earned Our Place

We’ve been around for over 40 years, earning us an exceptional reputation for both the quality of our work and the way we do it. We only accept the highest level of exceptional customer service and we treat our employees with the same respect that we do our clientele—that is how we’ve earned such a trusted spot among contract testing organizations.

We provide quality research through our roughly 40,000 square-foot laboratories in Fairfield, New Jersey. Our track record for high quality research and results for our clientele have brought in over sixty papers and/or publications in trade literature and peer-reviewed scientific studies. We have extensive connections and professional relationships with high-ranking individuals in the FDA, EPA and USP. We’re also involved with major trade organizations including A2LA, AAMI, NJPQCA and more, carefully complying with all regulations therein, delivering only the most compliant, highly diverse products for our clientele nationwide.

We’re Diverse

There are many companies you can join that do one, maybe two different things within their scope of service. At Gibraltar Labs, we are extremely diverse, accommodating a wide variety of industries and organizations. We’re well known for our services related to the pharmaceutical and drug development industries, and have processed numerous successful new drug applications and assisted with many successful clinical trials. We also service the medical device industry providing sterilization, sterilization validation including rapid sterility teating and many other related services. Tissue banks, biopharmaceutical professionals, chemical engineers and cosmetic industries trust our expertise as they are developing their products and carefully maintaining their sensitive materials and samples.

We’re Fully Registered and Recognized.

We’re fully registered with the FDA, and we’re ISO 17025 certified, meaning that our laboratories hold up to the strictest standards outlined by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation. We value teamwork, positivity, respectful attitudes, personal growth, excellence and passionate people. We received the New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award in both 2013 and 2014.  We’re family owned and our management staff is hands-on and well-educated in the fields that we practice. Instead of having a team of scientists lead by businessmen that aren’t accommodated with science at all, we’re a team of top-notch scientists and industry experts, which is why our clients understand that their project is in the best hands it could ever be in.

Please don’t hesitate to apply! We are always hiring open-minded and passionate team players. Check out what we have to offer at https://www.gibraltarlabsinc.com/careers-at-gibraltar.html. You can learn more about our company by browsing our website and seeing what we have to offer. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for visiting Gibraltar Laboratories.

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Outside the Laboratories – Gibraltar Labs Softball!

At Gibraltar Laboratories, Incorporated, our team likes to “pitch-in” more than you’d think!

It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and what you stand for when you spend as much time as we do in the laboratory. It’s important that we live our lives and never let the laboratory consume us, because science is objective and at times, cold and unforgiving. That’s why we remain active in our communities and families—these bonds help enhance our skills as scientists and researchers and help us to bring our valued clientele better services with cooler heads. Check out our recent achievements playing Adult Softball in Fairfield Township, New Jersey!

Our team met in full force and commanded the field with more skill than you’d expect from us out of our lab coats. Our colors are red and white, and we’re proud to take to the fields to forget about life for a while and get our heads in the game!  We’ve played three times, and maybe we haven’t won all the time, but we’re still having a blast. Our last game, on June 11, was very close, ending at a nail-biting 10-13.

Fairfield, New Jersey, is a culturally rich area with a vibrant history and beautiful landscaping all around us. We’re comfortably nestled between interstate routes 80 and 46. The roughly 10.5 square mile township houses about 7,000 people and is a part of Essex County, New Jersey.  As we provide contract research services for the many surrounding businesses in need of scientific professionals, we also have access to this brilliant community and excellent area, and we won’t let that go to waste. We value earning respect in the community through contribution and integrity. We will deliver this in the future by being active in the community, and softball is just the start.

Fairfield Township organizes and sponsors the adult baseball league, and 10 teams compete throughout the season to be in the final four teams that eventually make it to playoffs. There are many teams sponsored by businesses and individuals from the area. The league plays exclusively on the Hollywood End and Hollywood Main baseball fields in Fairfield, NJ, starting either at 6:15 or 7:30 p.m. We play next on the 18 at Hollywood End, June 25 at Hollywood Main and again on June 29 at Hollywood Main. On July 1 and 2, Fairfield Township is hosting fireworks shows that will be a sight to behold. After that, we play on July 8 at Hollywood End. Who knows, we may go to the playoffs! Don’t hold your breath for that though!

As you’ll see in the photo, our star pitcher and adept hitter is Derek J. Prince, son of our very own Dr. Daniel Prince whom attends the games with the team to provide support and motivation. We have the esteemed Timothy Parke on third base, and the great Joseph Paccagnini as our Short Field. Everything is brought together by our respected Coach and Captain, Mike Pannullo.

As you can see, our team looks excited to be in uniform and ready to play. We’re planning on a great season. Anyone underestimating our team filled with scientific prowess is sure to regret it! We might not be the leanest or the meanest team, but we’re probably the smartest! These pictures are from our first game, and this is our first time entering in the New Jersey Adult Softball league. We all had a great time on the field and are looking forward to really enjoying this season.

For us, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the experience, and showing our presence throughout New Jersey as something other than a group of scientists. Though we do place value on the reliability and quality of our service, we also want to show that it’s not all business for us—we want to help as community leaders. Even when we deliver a complete project for a client, we are doing it to better their organization and help provide for those who rely and depend on their project succeeding. Stay tuned for future posts about our community relations from Gibraltar Laboratories. We’re waiting on some photos from our 45th anniversary party and we’re looking forward to writing about that, too.

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Mycoplasma Testing

Mycoplasma, like Mycoplasma pneumoniae, are microbial parasites that infect mammalian cells causing sickness in humans and many other animal species Biological and biotechnology companies must be very vigorous and alert to control Mycoplasma. If not. millions of dollars and months of work can be wasted . Thus. mycoplasma Testing, the testing of cell cultures for mycoplasma, is a critical step in ensuring dependable research and biotechnology products. Mycoplasma are prokaryotic microorganisms and are typically resistant to many antibiotics. Mycoplasma grow in close association with cells and can modify cell characteristics. Mycoplasma are difficult to detect unless routine monitoring of cell stocks is carried out, but with Gibraltar Laboratories’ Mycoplasma Testing DNA staining and direct culture methods are performed concurrently for each sample. Together these methods can detect mycoplasma infection for most of the known species. Each mycoplasma test includes positive and negative controls and complete testing requires four to five weeks. The specific tests available at Gibraltar Laboratories are defined in the United States Pharmocopeia  <63> Mycoplasma Tests, Code of Federal Regulations, 9 CFR 113.28 MYCOPLASMA TEST and 21 CFR 610.30 MYCOPLASMA TEST. In addition, the latest breakthrough in Mycoplasma detection is by polymerase chain reaction. This molecular biology test is great for rapid, cost effective testing.

Gibraltar Laboratories is your testing lab of choice for mycoplasma testing and many other laboratory services. For a complete list of our testing services, please click here https://www.gibraltarlabsinc.com/component/option,com_service_search/Itemid,28/lang,en/view,blist/.

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Exciting Cancer and Molecular Biology Research at Gibraltar Laboratories

Research and Analysis

Gibraltar is busily involved with confidential cancer research, stem cell research and antiviral research.. An example of this category of research recently appeared in C&EN. As funding levels for cancer combating drugs reach an all-time high, scientists and researchers are turning to new, innovative techniques in their quest for medical breakthroughs. Gibraltar is at the cutting edge of offering the kinds of molecular services needed to advance breakthroughs in the treatment of difficult medical conditions.  For example, PI3Ks, formally known as phosphatidylinositol-3 kinases, are enzymes that are inherent in a vast amount of functions involved in facilitating a cell’s ability to perform properly. PI3Ks have become palpable targets for researchers developing cancer drugs.

The many intriguing aspects surrounding the correlation between tumors and PI3Ks have prompted numerous drug companies to ramp up research into the inhibition process. Biotech firms have even been established for the sole purpose of developing drugs which target the pathways that control normal cell growth and their subsequent role in sparking the development of cancer should they be defective. And while the promise for a major advance in battling cancer is possible, the process by which PI3Ks are properly utilized remains just as complicated as many had anticipated. Still companies remain optimistic that the compounds which block this signaling pathway will eventually be vital to cancer treatment. As such, the race to run clinical trials testing the effects of combining PI3K inhibitors with other drugs has greatly intensified.

Gibraltar Laboratories offers in vivo chemotherapy research,  advanced molecular techniques involving western blot analysis and stem cells to support efforts to test hypotheses. Ultimately, the researchers goal is a solution that knocks down cancer cells without being too toxic to normal cells. Fortunately researchers now have the benefit of understanding a molecular mechanisms and thus have gained insight into both the best drug combinations and which patients will most sufficiently respond. Gibraltar is proud to be part of this exciting race to cure and improve patient outcomes.


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Tracking Your Information-Gibraltar Report Portal

Dear Gibraltar Friend,

As you have noticed we have improved our appearance recently. We have updated our logo to emphasize our widely known  company name. At  the same time we have updated our web page which makes it easier than ever before to do business with us. For example, now you can login to see a historical record of all of the reports that have been completed over the last six months. This makes it easier for you to verify that reports from us have been delivered and therefore the corresponding invoice should be approved for payment. In addition, if a report was misplaced you can conveniently login to review and download it. If you have not set up your account please contact us at 973.227.6882 or write me at DanielPrince@gibraltarlabsinc.com.


Daniel Prince, Ph.D.



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What is our Brand?

For the years 2010-2011 Gibraltar Laboratories is recognized for Excellence and Fast Turn Around Time by ACIL. [See my blog at http://networkedblogs.com/9ljhS] How we won these prestigious awards is because of the way we do business. That is to say our brand. At Gibraltar Laboratories we have defined our brand by our behavior. Our branding is composed of five interrelated dimensions described by Gregg Lederman, of Brand Integrity, http://www.brandintegrity.com/. Three of these dimensions depend upon high levels of emotional intelligence [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotional_intelligence] and the remaining two are dependent upon cognitive intelligence.

1. Culture and Team is the first emotional intelligence component. It involves the company’s internal communications and interactions with each other. Management’s communications must be clear, effective and timely. Team members are recognized and appreciated for the contributions that they make to achieve our business objectives. As an organization we take the time to share, celebrate and learn from our successes and failures. We trust each other and are trusted by our customers!

2. Lead by example. All employees must model ideal behavior. In practice we must always demonstrate, drive, passion and focus on results. We take responsibility for our actions. We actively promote our services. As leaders we treat others fairly and hold others accountable. When necessary we have honest difficult conversations with each other.

3. Customer Service. We take actions based on the wants, needs and desired experiences of our customers. We actively identify and pursue opportunities to go above and beyond providing extra value.

The next two dimensions of branding involve more classically defined cognitive intelligence. These are abilities such as logic, reason, reading, writing, analyzing and prioritizing. http:/ /www.teach-nology.com/tutorials/teaching/iq/.

4. Operational strength involves getting the most out of what you have. At Gibraltar Laboratories we leverage technology and quality systems, we prioritize work and focus on continuous improvement. We plan ahead.

5. Knowledge and Expertise. This dimension is work that we do to meet our sponsor’s research and quality control needs. We share our results in a clear written format and in a timely fashion. We constantly think creatively and innovate. We use these skills to attract business to our company.


Daniel Prince, Ph.D.

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New Publication Achievements

Dear Gibraltar Friend,

For many years we have set out to share knowledge through publication. All of our publications are listed on our website, https://www.gibraltarlabsinc.com/pubslist.html. Soon we will add two more to the list! “Common antiviral agents, structure, mechanism and spectrum of activity” will appear in CONTRACT PHARMA in the November/December 2010 issue.

The purpose of the paper is to review the status of antiviral drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. We present a compilation of current antiviral agents, a summary of major virus targets and a discussion of structure activity relationships.

In March of 2011 we expect our manuscript on “Relationship of subtype Influenza A pandemic strains to virucidal activity of a quaternary ammonium disinfectant” to appear in the Proceedings of Options VII. This is a follow up to our recent poster session presented at Options VII for the Control of Influenza Conference in Hong Kong, China, 3-7 September 2010. I will have more to share about that in the new year.

We are also proud of many of our early publications as some of them have become landmark papers for our industry. For example, “D-Values of Bacillus Pumilus Spores on Irradiated Devices (Inoculated Product)” Herbert N. Prince, Applied & Environmental Microbiology: p.392-393: February 1978 and “Bioburden Dynamics: The Viability of Microorganisms on Devices Before and After Sterilization” Herbert N Prince, Joseph R. Rubino, Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry, July 1984 are among the first published usages of the term “bioburden”.

We also like to read and one of my favorite new books is entitled, “Germs, Genes & Civilization: How Epidemics Shaped Who We Are Today” by David P. Clark. [You can find many of my favorite books at my LinkedIn profile]. http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?id=33408824&trk=hb_tab_pro_top. Clark shared this perspective about today’s human lifespan.

“…we live mostly long enough to worry about heart disease and cancer. But for most societies throughout history, most people met their end from infections caused by microorganisms of some kind.”

Thus, we are fortunate that through the work of our predecessors and the current work of respective companies that we have made great progress on many infectious diseases. However, now that we are living longer we must not compromise our bodies by neglecting exercise, not sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night and not having a healthy diet.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Prince, Ph.D.


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Gibraltar Laboratories Inc. Wins ACIL SEAL OF EXCELLENCE HONORS

Award Certificates10-11-2010

I am proud to let you know that your laboratory has been publicly recognized as an excellent laboratory. Today Gibraltar was awarded two awards by the ACIL for the period 2010-2011.


2. SEAL OF EXCELLENCE – “For Demonstrated Ethics, Customer Service and Quality”

To win these prestigious awards Gibraltar competed against about 37 laboratories. By winning, Gibraltar demonstrated proof of annual ethics training and an early detection system for questionable analytical practices, submitted a signed code of ethics and distributed satisfaction surveys to our customers. Gibraltar scored very highly. Its customers rated Gibraltar a near perfect 3.83 out of 4.0 on Quality, Service, Expertise and Value!

I want to thank the Gibraltar team for achieving this great accomplishment!
Also, I thank all of our loyal customers that have helped us sustain and grow this laboratory for 40 years. This year we celebrated out 40th year of being in business. These awards are a hopeful sign that even more success is likely in the years ahead!

Lastly, if you are not yet a GBL customer why not become one now!

Award Certificates