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Why We’re A Great Organization To Work For

At Gibraltar Labs, we’ve enjoyed success throughout our long history. Our talent is key to our success! Now we are looking to expand and find new team members to bolster our already award winning team. That’s why we have so many career openings right now at Gibraltar Labs! There are many reasons to work for us, and we want to talk about what those reasons are, and why we’re a great employer to consider.

We’re Trusted

Over the years, we’ve become trusted throughout the world of microbiological testing, including sterilization services, virology, toxicity testing, bioburden testing, endotoxin testing and more. Our laboratory features the latest technology with all of our departments headed by extremely knowledgeable master and doctorate-level scientists with both academic and industry experience alike.

We’ve Earned Our Place

We’ve been around for over 40 years, earning us an exceptional reputation for both the quality of our work and the way we do it. We only accept the highest level of exceptional customer service and we treat our employees with the same respect that we do our clientele—that is how we’ve earned such a trusted spot among contract testing organizations.

We provide quality research through our roughly 40,000 square-foot laboratories in Fairfield, New Jersey. Our track record for high quality research and results for our clientele have brought in over sixty papers and/or publications in trade literature and peer-reviewed scientific studies. We have extensive connections and professional relationships with high-ranking individuals in the FDA, EPA and USP. We’re also involved with major trade organizations including A2LA, AAMI, NJPQCA and more, carefully complying with all regulations therein, delivering only the most compliant, highly diverse products for our clientele nationwide.

We’re Diverse

There are many companies you can join that do one, maybe two different things within their scope of service. At Gibraltar Labs, we are extremely diverse, accommodating a wide variety of industries and organizations. We’re well known for our services related to the pharmaceutical and drug development industries, and have processed numerous successful new drug applications and assisted with many successful clinical trials. We also service the medical device industry providing sterilization, sterilization validation including rapid sterility teating and many other related services. Tissue banks, biopharmaceutical professionals, chemical engineers and cosmetic industries trust our expertise as they are developing their products and carefully maintaining their sensitive materials and samples.

We’re Fully Registered and Recognized.

We’re fully registered with the FDA, and we’re ISO 17025 certified, meaning that our laboratories hold up to the strictest standards outlined by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation. We value teamwork, positivity, respectful attitudes, personal growth, excellence and passionate people. We received the New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award in both 2013 and 2014.  We’re family owned and our management staff is hands-on and well-educated in the fields that we practice. Instead of having a team of scientists lead by businessmen that aren’t accommodated with science at all, we’re a team of top-notch scientists and industry experts, which is why our clients understand that their project is in the best hands it could ever be in.

Please don’t hesitate to apply! We are always hiring open-minded and passionate team players. Check out what we have to offer at https://www.gibraltarlabsinc.com/careers-at-gibraltar.html. You can learn more about our company by browsing our website and seeing what we have to offer. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for visiting Gibraltar Laboratories.

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Career Opportunities Now From Gibraltar Labs!

In an economy where, every day, companies are closing their doors, or are unable to expand and create new jobs, Gibraltar Labs proves strong and capable. We’re constantly expanding and pursuing bigger and more advanced endeavors including groundbreaking innovations in rapid sterility testing. That’s why we’re excited to be expanding our ranks! Currently, we’re looking for exceptional individuals that are trying to join an incredible, top-notch team of scientists and business professionals all working towards the same goals. We’re looking for individuals that are team players, people that are open to new challenges and constantly growing with the ever-advancing world of scientific research and pharmaceutical development.

Senior Manager – Manager of People and Business Development

This position for Manager of People and Business Development is an exceptional opportunity as part of Gibraltar Labs’ leading senior management team. This team member reports directly to the President, and must be well-qualified in sales, marketing and business development strategies and techniques. The Manager of People and Business Development will be responsible for maintaining positive relationships with clientele that will result in future business from them and their network of connections. Some other responsibilities include:

–          Execution of complex client account plans.

–          Close collaboration with leadership to execute product management, marketing strategies, sales plans and client strategies.

–          Maintenance of strong customer service relations with both new and current clientele.

Other responsibilities include acting as a client liaison, or “Voice of the Customer” as we call it. This team member will need to monitor customer satisfaction and deliver finished products that are both useful and beautifully designed. Individuals in this position are also expected to provide insightful industry knowledge and innovative market knowledge in order to deliver a superior product to our clientele.

Junior Chemist –

This Junior Chemist will report directly to the Chemistry Manager in the Wet Chemistry division of our laboratory facilities. As they perform the tests required of their position they must adhere to any and all Good Manufacturing Practices outlined by both Gibraltar Labs and the Food & Drug Administration. Junior chemists will perform tests on pharmaceuticals and medical devices based on the needs of the client. They will be responsible for tracking, cataloging and documenting all reagents, equipment and supplies with all documentation and labeling necessary. All documentation regarding experiments and any other testing will be done according to Good Manufacturing Practices, with training included.

Specialist in Accounts Payable –

This is a 6-month temporary position with benefits available upon eligibility. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other account software is a must. This specialist must act in a timely manner and be well-organized with the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Specialists in Accounts Payable must also be well-versed with compliance and regulations related to finance and security.

Data Entry Coordinator/Individual Contributor –

Data Entry Coordinators at Gibraltar Laboratories are a vital part of the team, closely monitoring the receiving department for new test samples. They then assist with the sample processing procedure by opening, entering, tracking, labeling and finally directing samples to the appropriate departments. Attention to detail and accuracy of work will be integral to success in this position.  Data Entry Coordinators will also learn all necessary Standard Operating Procedures and best practices related to laboratory and sample safety.

We’re very excited to be growing, and to have the capacity to invite new team members onto our award-winning team! If you’re interested in learning more about our career opportunities please contact us today toll-free at 877.315.5847 or visit https://www.gibraltarlabsinc.com/careers-at-gibraltar.html

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Rapid Sterility Testing – The Why’s And When’s Answered!

Rapid Sterility Testing uses the latest in bioburden scanning and detection technology in order to accurately predict the growth of bacterium, debris and other microorganisms over the course of time. If there is an issue with bacterial colonies growing on a sample or product, rapid sterility testing will quickly detect that the process used to sterilize that product is in fact, not efficient enough for the FDA to accept and authorize said product for public consumption. The FDA is only half of your problem though, the other half falls upon the integrity and respect of your patients, doctors and clientele. Effective sterilization services protect your business, protect your patients and protect your reputation; getting approval from the FDA is an added bonus.

When do we think Rapid Sterility Testing is necessary? Well, any time when something is going to be in direct contact with a sensitive part of your body or inside your body, we believe that sterility testing should be done rapidly to further curb the development of bioburden and debris on any medical or pharmaceutical device or product. With that being said, let’s focus on some things that we think rapid sterility testing is perfect for. You might just agree with us.

Water for Injection (WFI)

WFI gets overlooked by many, but not us. When you make water for injection, that water is going to be infused with some kind of medicine at some point in time. Some kind of vaccination or medication, sometimes with a biological product within will be used in that product, and and presence of microorganisms will greatly hinder that process. If someone’s immune system is already compromised and they need injectable medication, it’s of utmost importance that medical professionals eliminate any bioburden from that WFI.

WFI is quite clean and can be perfect for microorganisms to grow. For that reason, rapid sterility testing is more important than ever. WFI should be bought by medical facilities, used as quickly as possible and then disposed of. Prolonging the sterility testing and shipping processes just decreases the amount of time that product is actually good to be used for.

Liquid Parenteral Products

Liquid parenteral products such as dextrose solution, sodium chloride solution, etc. are among the most frequently used medicines in the acute and post-acute care settings. These products can be released to the marketplace much faster when rapid sterility testing and bioburden testing are performed.

These are just a few items that our rapid sterility testing greatly benefits. Rapid sterility testing provides a great return on investment for anyone investing within the medical and pharmaceutical industries. At Gibraltar Labs we provide comprehensive contract research services from the ground up, working transparently every step of the way. For more information on our services and how our rapid sterility testing services and depyrogenation services can help your business contact us today at 877.315.5847