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Accurately analyzing organisms that impact our health and the environment

Virology/Molecular Biology is a rapidly expanding scientific arena, where the impact of viruses, adventitious agents and DNA/RNA analysis broadens our horizons and exemplifies how the science of microbiology is utilizing rapid methods such qPCR.

Gibraltar Laboratories has taken a leadership role in Virology and Molecular Biology for a wide variety of industries.

Involving our clients as much as possible

Evidence of this leadership is demonstrated by our study management program which enables clients to have access to key scientific personnel during the development and duration of their programs. It’s part of Gibraltar policy of delivering critical scientific analysis in a customer friendly format

State-of-the-art laboratory

Our BSL-3 level laboratory facility ensures the proper environment in which to perform critical studies in the fields of:

  • 9 CFR 113
  • Biopharmaceuticals (Adventitious Agents)
  • Viral Content
  • Formulation Efficacy Studies
  • H1N1, HIV, HBV, HCV, HSV, Poliovirus, etc.
  • PCR analysis
  • Antiviral Chemotherapy: Screening
  • Viral Clearance
  • Western blot

Contact us today!

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