Liquid Chemical Sterilization

Liquid Chemical Sterilization is typically used for devices, instruments and tools that are heat sensitive but not liquid sensitive.  The object in need of sterilization is immersed in the sterilizing liquid for a set amount of time and then undergoes sterilization validation in order to assess whether it has been fully sterilized.  Peracetic Acid, Glutaraldehyde or combination products are used for this process.  Care must be taken to properly clean off these chemicals. The advantages of liquid Chemical Sterilization are that it is extremely effective at killing vegetative organisms and spores.

Conclusion These are just a few types of potential sterilization procedures that can be used by a pharmaceutical or medical company.  There are a few others, including toxic gas sterilization and radiation sterilization.  These forms of sterilization will destroy living organisms but are also quite dangerous to people and the environment.

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