Offering top quality instrument/equipment sterilization services, Gibraltar Laboratories has established itself as a reliable name in the field of biology and chemistry sciences. With experience of over 43 years, the company is a premium example of expert services headed by PhD and master’s level scientists. The importance of surgical sterilization cannot be denied and therefore more and more hospitals and clinical institutes today are relying on professional laboratory services for the sterile processing of their surgical instruments. We ensure that as a client you are satisfied post sterilization and try our level best to bring you a service that you will come back for!

Gibraltar Laboratories specializes in a variety of services. The specialty areas include:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Virology
  • Validation Services
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sterilization and Reprocessing Services
  • Training

In addition to equipment sterilization, Gibraltar Laboratories has a lot to offer to its clients. Not every contractor you hire is the same and that is why we promise you the same quality every time you sign a deal with us. We take pride in bringing to you various sterile processing methods which are designed and supervised by highly qualified technicians.

Sterilization and reprocessing is critical because improperly cleaned and sterilized equipment and instruments is the number one cause of fatal hospital acquired infections. It is therefore advised that all surgical instruments should be passed through sterile processing to destroy all microbial life. Gibraltar Laboratories makes use of authentic chemical liquids which have proven to be effective in preventing the reproduction of microorganisms thereby cleaning all equipment thoroughly.

Besides chemical and biological industries, we also serve the tissue bank and vaccine industries. Gibraltar Laboratories is a stable outsourcing partner and is a strong company to deal with. We understand how important time management is for a hospital and therefore we make sure that all equipment sterilization is complete before your surgeries begin.

All staff members and workers at Gibraltar Laboratories are friendly and responsive. Moreover, we have been successful in maintaining long term relations with our customers. When you decide to use our services, there is no chance you will be disappointed. Most equipment sterilization contractors promise quality services however fail to use accurate methods thereby leaving your equipment unclean. Next time you are in need of a stable and trusted contractor, Gibraltar Laboratories is the name you should remember. Our sterile processing customers are happy with the services we provide, you could be one too!

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