At Gibraltar Laboratories, Incorporated, our team likes to “pitch-in” more than you’d think!

It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and what you stand for when you spend as much time as we do in the laboratory. It’s important that we live our lives and never let the laboratory consume us, because science is objective and at times, cold and unforgiving. That’s why we remain active in our communities and families—these bonds help enhance our skills as scientists and researchers and help us to bring our valued clientele better services with cooler heads. Check out our recent achievements playing Adult Softball in Fairfield Township, New Jersey!

Our team met in full force and commanded the field with more skill than you’d expect from us out of our lab coats. Our colors are red and white, and we’re proud to take to the fields to forget about life for a while and get our heads in the game!  We’ve played three times, and maybe we haven’t won all the time, but we’re still having a blast. Our last game, on June 11, was very close, ending at a nail-biting 10-13.

Fairfield, New Jersey, is a culturally rich area with a vibrant history and beautiful landscaping all around us. We’re comfortably nestled between interstate routes 80 and 46. The roughly 10.5 square mile township houses about 7,000 people and is a part of Essex County, New Jersey.  As we provide contract research services for the many surrounding businesses in need of scientific professionals, we also have access to this brilliant community and excellent area, and we won’t let that go to waste. We value earning respect in the community through contribution and integrity. We will deliver this in the future by being active in the community, and softball is just the start.

Fairfield Township organizes and sponsors the adult baseball league, and 10 teams compete throughout the season to be in the final four teams that eventually make it to playoffs. There are many teams sponsored by businesses and individuals from the area. The league plays exclusively on the Hollywood End and Hollywood Main baseball fields in Fairfield, NJ, starting either at 6:15 or 7:30 p.m. We play next on the 18 at Hollywood End, June 25 at Hollywood Main and again on June 29 at Hollywood Main. On July 1 and 2, Fairfield Township is hosting fireworks shows that will be a sight to behold. After that, we play on July 8 at Hollywood End. Who knows, we may go to the playoffs! Don’t hold your breath for that though!

As you’ll see in the photo, our star pitcher and adept hitter is Derek J. Prince, son of our very own Dr. Daniel Prince whom attends the games with the team to provide support and motivation. We have the esteemed Timothy Parke on third base, and the great Joseph Paccagnini as our Short Field. Everything is brought together by our respected Coach and Captain, Mike Pannullo.

As you can see, our team looks excited to be in uniform and ready to play. We’re planning on a great season. Anyone underestimating our team filled with scientific prowess is sure to regret it! We might not be the leanest or the meanest team, but we’re probably the smartest! These pictures are from our first game, and this is our first time entering in the New Jersey Adult Softball league. We all had a great time on the field and are looking forward to really enjoying this season.

For us, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the experience, and showing our presence throughout New Jersey as something other than a group of scientists. Though we do place value on the reliability and quality of our service, we also want to show that it’s not all business for us—we want to help as community leaders. Even when we deliver a complete project for a client, we are doing it to better their organization and help provide for those who rely and depend on their project succeeding. Stay tuned for future posts about our community relations from Gibraltar Laboratories. We’re waiting on some photos from our 45th anniversary party and we’re looking forward to writing about that, too.

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