It’s important that, as companies grow, they don’t alienate themselves from other organizations in their industry, even if they are the undisputed leader. In businesses like contract research, corporate xenophobia can be a business’ downfall. We’ve recently returned from the 12th Annual Orthopedic Manufacturing and Technology Exposition and Conference where our own Jozef Mastej gave a speech on medical instrument sterilization. We like to attend events like these because it allows us to share some of our breakthroughs and unique services with other individuals in the business. We do all of this to usher in a new era of scientific research and findings.

During this event, which took place from June 16-18, 2015, we’ve seen a whole new world of possibilities. This conference was full of a breadth of information regarding achieving compliance with the FDA and other regulatory bodies. There was also great deal of information on supply chain management and quality control, new device regulations and a seminar on strategic sourcing exaction. Thus we were very pleased to present at this event.

Jozef’s technical seminar was intended for professionals working in quality control, regulatory, clinical affairs and research & development positions, in order to assist their organizations with their 510(k) submissions. Since this was an orthopedic conference, we were talking to many orthopedic manufacturers and had to contour the presentation for their needs, in order to help them build the best possible outcomes. Mainly, his presentation covered the steps to ensure proper validation before ST79 and TIR30 tests are performed.

These tests mainly deal with the process of sterilizing tools that will be needed for immediate use, like syringes, scalpels and other ready-to-use medical devices. The most important part of the sterilization process is, ironically enough, the end process where technology is used to discern just how sterilized that product really is. After all, sterility is of the utmost importance when you consider that the product is going to be used on the inside of a person’s body, whether it’s through surgery or injections.

Jozef Mastej has been a proud member of the Gibraltar Laboratories team for over two decades, with a degree from Krakow, Poland. He currently commands responsibility as Vice President of Operations at our organization, and is responsible for directing our Chemistry and Microbiology departments. Many regard him as an expert in steam sterilization, cleaning, sterility and microbiology. Through our Gibraltar Institute for Research and Testing, Mastej frequently conducts educational seminars on cleaning and steam sterilization validations, and other subjects as well.

When he wasn’t presenting, Mastej was busy networking and attending other events to get the most out of the event. He plans on giving many other seminars in the future and we are proud to have him as part of the Gibraltar team.

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