Dear Gibraltar Friend,

For many years we have set out to share knowledge through publication. All of our publications are listed on our website, Soon we will add two more to the list! “Common antiviral agents, structure, mechanism and spectrum of activity” will appear in CONTRACT PHARMA in the November/December 2010 issue.

The purpose of the paper is to review the status of antiviral drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. We present a compilation of current antiviral agents, a summary of major virus targets and a discussion of structure activity relationships.

In March of 2011 we expect our manuscript on “Relationship of subtype Influenza A pandemic strains to virucidal activity of a quaternary ammonium disinfectant” to appear in the Proceedings of Options VII. This is a follow up to our recent poster session presented at Options VII for the Control of Influenza Conference in Hong Kong, China, 3-7 September 2010. I will have more to share about that in the new year.

We are also proud of many of our early publications as some of them have become landmark papers for our industry. For example, “D-Values of Bacillus Pumilus Spores on Irradiated Devices (Inoculated Product)” Herbert N. Prince, Applied & Environmental Microbiology: p.392-393: February 1978 and “Bioburden Dynamics: The Viability of Microorganisms on Devices Before and After Sterilization” Herbert N Prince, Joseph R. Rubino, Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry, July 1984 are among the first published usages of the term “bioburden”.

We also like to read and one of my favorite new books is entitled, “Germs, Genes & Civilization: How Epidemics Shaped Who We Are Today” by David P. Clark. [You can find many of my favorite books at my LinkedIn profile]. Clark shared this perspective about today’s human lifespan.

“…we live mostly long enough to worry about heart disease and cancer. But for most societies throughout history, most people met their end from infections caused by microorganisms of some kind.”

Thus, we are fortunate that through the work of our predecessors and the current work of respective companies that we have made great progress on many infectious diseases. However, now that we are living longer we must not compromise our bodies by neglecting exercise, not sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night and not having a healthy diet.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Prince, Ph.D.


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