Mycoplasma, like Mycoplasma pneumoniae, are microbial parasites that infect mammalian cells causing sickness in humans and many other animal species Biological and biotechnology companies must be very vigorous and alert to control Mycoplasma. If not. millions of dollars and months of work can be wasted . Thus. mycoplasma Testing, the testing of cell cultures for mycoplasma, is a critical step in ensuring dependable research and biotechnology products. Mycoplasma are prokaryotic microorganisms and are typically resistant to many antibiotics. Mycoplasma grow in close association with cells and can modify cell characteristics. Mycoplasma are difficult to detect unless routine monitoring of cell stocks is carried out, but with Gibraltar Laboratories’ Mycoplasma Testing DNA staining and direct culture methods are performed concurrently for each sample. Together these methods can detect mycoplasma infection for most of the known species. Each mycoplasma test includes positive and negative controls and complete testing requires four to five weeks. The specific tests available at Gibraltar Laboratories are defined in the United States Pharmocopeia  <63> Mycoplasma Tests, Code of Federal Regulations, 9 CFR 113.28 MYCOPLASMA TEST and 21 CFR 610.30 MYCOPLASMA TEST. In addition, the latest breakthrough in Mycoplasma detection is by polymerase chain reaction. This molecular biology test is great for rapid, cost effective testing.

Gibraltar Laboratories is your testing lab of choice for mycoplasma testing and many other laboratory services. For a complete list of our testing services, please click here,com_service_search/Itemid,28/lang,en/view,blist/.

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  1. dear sir
    can you give me an idea on the tests that are available in your company for Mycoplasma genitalium

    • We perform the classical tests described in the USP that involve culturing the organisms in liquid and agar media as well as looking for their DNA in cell culture. We also perform the service using newer NAT tests such as by ELISA.

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