Some organizations get so caught up in the rush of scientific research and attempts at discovery that they forget exactly what it is they are. They’re a company, an entity that creates opportunities for other organizations. We have to be part of the community as well as part of the scientific industry; we need to be socially relevant as well as scientifically relevant, and we are. How do we do it? Well, we do it in a number of ways.

Have you heard about our Gibraltar Institute for Research and Testing? Through this part of our organization, we’re able to get out there and truly be the leaders we were meant to be. Our Institute travels the country to present at some of the most scientifically complex and prestigious conferences known throughout the industry. One of recent note would be the Orthopedic Manufacturing and Technology Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, where our own Jozef Mastej gave a smashing presentation on medical device and sterilization validation.

This is just one way we stay relevant—by communicating with other organizations and by sharing our experiences with them, we’re able to come up with some of the most modern solutions possible. We want to help our clientele and other organizations achieve the best outcomes to further the well-being of the human race.

We’re also pretty socially active. One way that we keep this going is by playing in our local softball team chapter. Our team gets together and gives it their all on the field in order to not only get our name out there, but to also show the community that we’re human. We might not have the best record (that’s putting it lightly) but we’re still having a good time and having fun with each other out of the workplace. We’re trying to build more than a corporation, we’re trying to build a family.

Our CEO, Daniel Prince, regularly writes his own personal blogs through LinkedIn and other outlets as well. In one of his recent blogs, he talks about the deeper meaning of perspective and choice in a world where the impact of our decisions means more than we realize. Through regularly blogging, Dr. Prince isn’t always in the laboratory, he spends time improving his own mind in order to better serve his organization.

We’re also hiring! If you’re interested in working for our groundbreaking contract research organization, contact us immediately. We’re innovators in steam sterilization as well as cleaning and steam sterilization validation services. We offer a competitive and highly educational environment where everyone from the ground up is learning and working to accomplish greater achievements. Are you interested in being part of the team? Give us a call immediately at 877.315.5847 and say you heard about the opportunity on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

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