Festival of Hope November 30, 2010


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When I am not busy leading Gibraltar Laboratories I spend a lot of my free time helping the LIONS organization do charitable work in the areas of Vision, Hunger, Youth and Environment. I strongly believe that we should all reach out and help those less fortunate than ourselves. We should give thanks for all of our blessings and abundance. Even now, as hard as it for many of us, we are better off than so many of the people alive today. As LIONS International we are part of the largest service organization in the world with 1.4 million members in 204 countries. If you can make a donation please consider the work of the Bridgewater Lions http://on.fb.me/fnKpkF. As a not for profit organization your gift is tax deductible. Recommended support levels for gifts are $1,250 Corporate/ $125 personal.

In 2010 we served our community by providing eye glasses, eye screening and food. Most noteworthy was our Festival of Hope event in Honor of the Bridgewater NJ Senior Citizens. Over 200 people attended our multi-faceted program which included eye screenings, presentation of a major gift to the senior citizens center, a choral concert, and birthday cakes.
The event started at 11 AM with the eye screening in the Eye Mobile with two professional ophthalmologists, Dr. Duan and Dr. Sun, and their staff. The doctors provided follow-up consultation for seniors. For the next few hours, about 30 senior citizens received free eye exams.
We also wanted to give a lasting and practical gift to the Senior Citizen center. In a moment of fun-filled suspense the Bridgewater Lions unveiled a 50” high-definition TV that the club donated to Bridgewater Senior Center. Adding an emotional component to this event, members of Harmonium, a Classical Choral Society, performed a concert with many familiar holiday tunes. The performance was of professional caliber and their beautiful voices were greatly appreciated by the audience. Sometimes, the audience even joined Harmonium in sing-along.
It was a wonderful day that meant so much to the seniors as well Lions and others in attendance. Several VIPs attended from local government. Namely, Somerset County Freeholder Patrick Scaglione and Bridgewater Council President Matt Moench.

Giving Value to the Community: The community was moved and touched by our efforts. Many seniors came up to us and shared that “…this was wonderful.”

In summary the value to the community was:

1. All who wanted eye screenings were provided for.
2. All seniors were valued as important and remembered
3. A permanent gift was made to the Senior Citizen Center [Large television]
4. An emotional connection was made through the performance by Harmonium Choral Singers

The BridgewaterPatch captured this sentiment in their issue of December 4, 2010 [http://bit.ly/eovv8h].
“Senior center member Beatrice Este, of Bridgewater, said she really enjoyed the event, especially because it fell on her 94th birthday.”Today is nice because it’s my birthday and I’m very entertained,” she said. Este said she is excited to watch some of her favorite musicals and comedies on the big screen, so long as there is “nothing sad,” she said.”
The article concluded,
“Overall, participants were impressed that so many people took time out of their busy work days to come and serve the seniors. From doctors to singers to volunteers, the day was about donating talents to help others.”

For more details see
ICEPN television http://bit.ly/dPgzxD.
BridgewaterPatch http://bit.ly/eovv8h
World Journal http://bit.ly/fXTW0q

PS: Please give generously so we may continue our great work when so many are in need. Please make your check payable to Bridgewater NJ Lions 16D.
Daniel Prince, Ph.D.
President Gibraltar Laboratories and Bridgewater Lions NJ 16D

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