Providing state of the art services using heat and steam equipment and instrument sterilization methods, Gibraltar Laboratories is a reliable name in the sterilization industry today. As people are gaining awareness about health and safety, a drastic need in sterile processing has been experienced from biology, chemistry, dentistry, cosmetics and other major industries of the world. This is exactly where our services come into play. Catering to the said industries and more, we take pride in bringing about modern methods of sterilizing medical equipment as well as reprocessing the implements used during aseptic manufacturing. With over 43 years of impeccable service, Gibraltar Laboratories has been successful in creating a reputation based on customer satisfaction and quality testing?.

Headed by Dr. Daniel Prince we are an independent, passionate team of professional scientists and technicians who put forth our best efforts to comply with government regulations and customer requirements intended to protect patient safety. The company is the brainchild of Dr. Herbert Prince. Gibraltar Laboratories was formed in 1970 and has increased in size and market share in the last 43 years. We use only the best equipment sterilizationand instrument sterilization practices. Be it validation, lab testing, and instrument sterilization or sterilizing medical equipment, at Gibraltar we are a strong and focused family catering to your needs in the best possible manner.

Previously there was no concept of the reprocessing such as equipment sterilization.As a result too many people treated in the hospital acquired some kind of infection. These acquired infections can be fatal in many cases. Due to this reason it is important to realize that only by sterilizing medical equipment and instrument sterilization, the lives of innocent individuals can be saved. In addition to sterilization of surgical instruments, the management should also work on proper cleaning of floors, doors, windows, operating tables manufacturing lines and other sensitive areas which are associated with patient safety.

Just as sterilized bottles are important for a baby’s safety, reprocessing and sterilizing instruments and medical equipment by validated procedures is essential. At Gibraltar we offervalidated services which are in the best interests of our clients which are also a major reason why large and small customers turn to us in their hour of need. Using top quality autoclaves, chemical liquids and sterilization pouches is only one of our features, Gibraltar Laboratories is overall a stable outsourcing partner who understands the importance of instrument and equipment sterilization, reprocessing  and therefore leaves no stone unturned in serving its clients with a service that is hard to find elsewhere


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