Gibraltar Laboratories provides chemistry testing and wet chemistry services for businesses, research institutions and government agencies both domestically and abroad. We specialize in analytical chemistry, microbiology, virology, validations/calibrations, biopharmaceuticals, chemistry and environmental monitoring services. Our focus lies in preclinical and other early stage product and process development to ensure safety, regulatory compliance and speed-to-market.

With chemistry testing services custom-tailored to our client’s unique needs, Gibraltar Laboratories ensures accurate and reproducible results for clients, whether they are in the United States, North America, even Europe or Asia. Our entire offering of chemistry testing services fully satisfies all applicable USP, EP, ISO, BP, AOAC, and AAMI/JP requirements.

Using the latest in chemistry testing equipment, trust Gibraltar to intelligently qualify raw material vendors critical for biotech products and drug manufacturing. Raw data is reviewed by the Chemistry department study director and analyst, subsequently reviewed independently by the Chemistry Quality Assurance Department following melting point, heavy metal, Karl Fisher, TOC, Conductivity and residual solvent testing as per CGMP. Gibraltar provides expert cleaning validation support.

For a full listing of our laboratory testing services, please visit our services page here.

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