Gibraltar Laboratories helps its sponsors control microbial contamination in
the manufacturing environment. Raw material and finished products are
usually subject to a compendia and/or sponsor specification with respect to
what organisms, if any, can be present. Microbial identification is the
science of correctly identifying by name the organism[s] present. By knowing
what organisms are present it is possible to design control measures to
control them. These microbial control measures can then be verified for
effectiveness by monitoring [e.g. Bioburden testing, environmental air
sampling, cleaning validations, etc.] Clinically, precise bacterial
identification and pathogen detection is necessary for correct disease
diagnosis, treatment of infection and trace-back of disease outbreaks
associated with microbial infections. Bacterial identification is used in a
wide assortment of applications including microbial forensics, criminal
investigations, bio-terrorism threats and environmental studies. At
Gibraltar Laboratories microbial identification is based on assortment of
characteristics including, phenotypic, biochemical and genetic.

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