Virtual Tour- Company Profile

Dr. Daniel Prince is president of Gibraltar Laboratories Inc. He has led the Company’s expansion and growth since 1987. Gibraltar Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1970 by Dr. Herbert Prince, co-discoverer of a cure for Hodgkin’s disease (Procarbazine) and also involved with the team that developed the drug BACTRIM (TMP-Sulfa) now used extensively in the treatment of MRSA infections. Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. (GBL) has over 39 years of exemplary service to its credit.

Gibraltar Laboratories’ eminent scientific staff and stellar track record make it the gold standard of contract labs. It was one of first and is still one of only a few labs in the country currently ISO 17025 Biological certified. With labs in New Jersey and a staff of fifty scientists (including six PhD’s, and five Masters-level Scientists), companies turn to Gibraltar Laboratories for the most exacting research, testing, and scientific consulting.

Gibraltar Laboratories’ scientific standing and expertise make the company a most valuable resource-as both consultants and advocates-that a client can have in navigating the regulatory approval process. In case after case, Gibraltar Laboratories’ work has earned the respect of both peers and policy-makers. Gibraltar also maintains key affiliations with professional bodies that help set the standards which may affect GBL’s clients-ISO, USP, AAMI, ANSI, ASM, ASTM, AOAC, AATB, CSPA, etc. Through these affiliations as well, Gibraltar Laboratories is able to keep clients apprised of pending regulatory issues as well as the latest trends in industry.

And Gibraltar’s strict quality control means that a client’s regulatory release test results can be defended even under the most exacting scrutiny. In over four years, for example, the data from Gibraltar Laboratories’ fully traceable reporting and Upstream QA® systems have not resulted in a single “483” from the FDA, nor a revoked registration from the EPA. That’s because Gibraltar doesn’t just cite a monograph and leave the rest to the imagination, the way most labs do. From the time a client submits samples, Gibraltar’s tracking systems report all there is to know about the test’s status, process, and data. Every detail of the process is documented, so clients (and auditors) can confirm that testing was done in accordance with protocols.